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Our business activities started in 1932 with trading and production of asphalt based water proofing materials under the Hermes brand name. Our first production of decorative paint started in 1960 under the Vitex brand name that grew to be a leading paint manufacturer in Greece and South East Europe. In 1972 we invested in a polymers production unit producing vinyl and acrylic resins for paints, a business that we operated for 32 years. In 1988 we acquired Syntex, a manufacturer of marine, industrial and specialty coatings. In 2007 we inaugurated our high tech paint production facility in Aspropyrgos.
Our 80 years in the construction chemicals and coatings business reflects our principles on quality, trustworthiness and accountability. For more information on our corporate status please check www.yannidis.com


Coatings have been our core business for more than 50 years. Our Vitex brand has gained reputation for cutting edge technology, top class quality and value for money positioning. In parallel we have been developing and producing products for B2B customers, such as private labeled paints for retailers, application specific industrial products as well as toll manufacturing. For more information on our Vitex paint brand and products please visit www.vitex.gr
“V-TOLL” is a new department in our organization aiming to address market and customer needs for outsourcing paint production in a more professional and organized way.


We take confidentiality very seriously. The executives and employees involved in our “V-TOLL” project are serious professionals with a long career within our company and proven accountability. All employees involved have signed an additional confidentiality contract with our company tailored for handling our customer’s know-how and intellectual property. The procedures set for the engineering and production of your products are separate from other customers and all data are securely handled. Upon customer request, our facility will not be open for public visits during production of your products while labels and packaging materials are stored in a controlled access warehouse. More information on the persons involved and the way we will handle your business can be found in the customer restricted area of our web site.

Product Compliance

“V-TOLL’s” manufacturing procedures and products are compliant to EU Paint and Coating legislation. Our long term export activities to EU countries as well as new upcoming markets in Southeastern Europe has resulted in extensive knowledge and expertise of those markets regarding National laws and guidelines on product formulation and labeling. Compliance with international regulations is accomplished though intensive monitoring and control on the recent developments affecting paint and coating industry. Our focused efforts on product compliance regarding international legal requirements is reflected on our implemented CLP principles which include organization and personnel responsibilities, Quality control and Quality assurance system and Standard Operating Procedures. Raw materials and chemicals used in our production are compliant to REACH Regulation which is the European Community’s regulation regarding chemicals and their safe use. “V-TOLL” is capable of supplying its customers with compliant and efficient products, integrated solutions and expertise support on paint manufacturing and distribution.

Safety, Health & Environment

Increasing concern for the environment affects every aspect of our core business operations, from raw material selection and procurement, R&D and manufacturing to distribution and after sale support. Our supply chain operations are certified according to ISO 14001:2004 issued by an International independent organization. Our environmental management system helps us identify, control and evaluate the environmental impact of our activities and constantly improve our environmental performance. Continuous improvement in our environmental management system provide assurance to stakeholders for our Paints and Coatings production low environment impact, reduced cost of waste management, savings in consumption of energy and recycled materials.

“V-TOLL” is committed to provide a healthy and safe place to work by implementing the Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001. Through continuous internal controls, training seminars and efficient management procedures, the company fulfills all its requirements on Safety and Health legislation, sets demanding targets concerning Safety and provides a continuous improving environment to its employees.

Adopting Environmental and Social actions through Corporate Social Responsibility programs creates added value for its customers by trying to minimize the environmental impact throughout the entire Life Cycle of our products from sourcing to end-user support by applying best practices available and international quality standards. Continuous improvement is our primary goal as well as helping our customers make sustainable choices with priority to safe and durable paints and coatings.

ISO certificates – Responsible care

Our company quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 , while our supply chain operations are certified according to ISO 14001 Environmental standard and Health & Safety OHSAS 18001 regarding the design, development, production and distribution of our products.
“V-TOLL” is committed towards Sustainable Development and shares corporate responsibility values. We participate in the Responsible Care® Initiative program-the chemical industry’s unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance and safe use of chemicals.
Through our full membership to Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries (HACI) and the HCA (Hellenic Coatings Association), we fully support every initiative arising from Cefic (European Chemical Industry council) and CEPE (European Confederation of Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colors Manufacturers Associations). Responsible Care program is our model towards continuous improvement of the environmental, health and safety performance of our technologies, processes and products.