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“V-TOLL’s” customer needs, is the critical factor guiding our efforts. Whatever your needs are in paints or coatings, we will work with you to ensure your needs are fully met through quality and cost effective solutions.

Expand product range
Our wide range of products and specialized formulas for various applications enables you to expand your product range and address new market segments with proven products saving both money and time.
Facilitate territorial or sectorial market entry with limited initial investment.
Our experience in the paint and coating industry and its widespread applications combined with our awareness of several domestic and national markets we serve, guarantee a strong and successful partnership that will enforce your business expansion efforts. Our carefully designed supply chain and commercial procedures offer reliable and secure product solutions and financial benefits to our customers.
Support customer plant restructuring / rightsizing / relocation programs
“V-TOLL” guarantees to provide direct response and supply chain solutions whatever your problem or business demands. Our manufacturing and logistics support will be based on instant responds to your queries saving you time and lowering your costs for as long as you face restructuring or relocation difficulties. We are aiming for long term and loyal relationships with our customers and that is our standard for every new business partnership.
Support seasonality gaps
Continuous changes and seasonality gaps in modern business environment regarding supplies of raw materials and final products or seasonal difficulties to satisfy your manufacturing or retail needs can be confronted with our help. Planning your supply chain activities in advance saves you money and provides greater flexibility to satisfy your customer seasonal requirements. Please contact us to examine the appropriate solutions to your needs.
Serve extraordinary orders
“V-TOLL” manufacturing capacity and technical capabilities can serve any extraordinary order you may have to deal with. Our factory has been built to achieve economies of scale and improve productivity. Combined productivity and flexible logistics patterns, allow us to help you any time you need for excess capacity or expert solutions to overcome your difficulties.
Safeguard market presence in case of accident
Our company can instantly reply and fully support you in case of an accident so as to avoid total revenue losses and competitor reinforcement. Market share is difficult to gain but can be easily lost especially in our international competitive business world. Our cooperation will safeguard your market position and satisfy your clients’ needs with the most efficient way. Moreover, our “Proactivity Check List” program gives you the advantage of time when an accident may put your facility out of production.
Outsource low profitability products
In case you don’t want to manufacture certain products of your portfolio but still want market presence for those products, we are ready to offer you the best cost saving solutions. Taking over your relevant overhead costs and at the same time supplying quality and low cost products to your customers.
Proactivity – Reduce income or profit Insurance fees.
Having a well-documented risk and emergency plan can help you negotiate Income or profit insurance fees and enhances your shareholders trust to the top management. Our “Proactivity Check List” program is something that is “good to have” but can also “pay for itself”.