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Our supply chain operation includes the following departments: Solvent Paints department, Water Paints department, Raw material warehouses and Silos for pigments and fillers used in our products, Packing Materials warehouse, Logistics-distribution center, R&D department and company’s headquarters. The quality control and technical-maintenance departments are located inside the water paints manufacturing plant. The building complex construction finished in 2007 according to contemporary industrial design and security standards. Our facilities are by far the most sophisticated paint manufacturing facilities in South Eastern Europe allowing us to process and storage raw material and finished products in excellent conditions.


The two production departments are highly automated and controlled by process computers. Raw materials are transferred through closed circuit, secure lines and semi finished products are transferred through self cleaning pigged lines, avoiding any cross contamination of batches, boosting production capacity, flexibility and safety. Depending on the processed quantity and the pigments of each formula either high-speed dissolver or bead mill are used to achieve the required degree of fineness through standard operations procedures as described in our quality manual. In the final stage of production the additives of each production batch are transferred through the pigged line to a let-down tank equipped with a mixer. The following steps include sampling, quality control of each production batch, batch approval and release. Before filling, the paint passes through a filter to retain any impurities. After the filling machines, the cans are placed in pallets and transferred to product warehouse-distribution center.


The total capacity of our warehouse & distribution center is reinforced by the proper equipment used (reach truck, stackers) and trained personnel. Our state of the art warehouse facilities has 3 unloading and 10 loading ramps and a storage capability of 7.300 pallets stations, which are managed by our sophisticated WMS (Warehouse Management System).All pallets are handled by the installed wireless Network RFid system (Radio Frequency Identification) providing effective and flexible warehouse management. Our logistics procedures and storage methods include inventory control, cost/savings & efficiency projects, logistics reporting and analysis providing minimum lead times and superior customer satisfaction.


R&D has always been our company’s cornerstone. Our lab is equipped to support all your needs while our strength is color matching. A separate Q.C. lab operates in a different area safeguarding the consistency of all the batches. “V-TOLL’s” R&D department focuses in creating new products while improving and reformulating existing ones for new applications. Both Quality Control and R&D Laboratories are fully equipped to conduct all necessary tests including Gloss, Drying time, Contrast ratio, Reology behavior, Storage stability ,durability and other quality features of all our products as well as Rub-out and compatibility tests. Our equipment features assure color measurement accuracy and integrity and compose the ideal color management network which offers better quality and reduced costs regarding color matching and batch to batch consistency.


“V-TOLL” manufacturing and logistics facilities cover a total area of 10.000 square meters strategically located within the industrial area of Aspropyrgos, 25 Km away from the center of Athens, 12 km from Piraeus port and only 5 from the main train cargo station. Our facilities are accessible through Attica Tollway or National Road 8A which connects Athens to Patra.