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Safety, Health & Environment Compliance

Our company quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 , while our supply chain operations are certified according to ISO 14001 Environmental standard and Health & Safety OHSAS 18001 regarding the design, development, production and distribution of our products. “V-TOLL” is committed towards Sustainable Development and shares corporate responsibility values. We participate in the Responsible Care® Initiative program-the chemical industry’s unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance and safe use of chemicals.

Through our full membership to Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries (HACI) and the HCA (Hellenic Coatings Association), we fully support every initiative arising from Cefic (European Chemical Industry council) and CEPE (European Confederation of Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colors Manufacturers Associations). Responsible Care program is our model towards continuous improvement of the environmental, health and safety performance of our technologies, processes and products

“V-TOLL” is committed to provide a healthy and safe place to work by implementing the Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001. Through continuous internal controls, training seminars and efficient management procedures, the company fulfills all its requirements on Safety and Health legislation, sets demanding targets concerning Safety and provides a continuous improving environment to its employees.

Adopting Environmental and Social actions through Corporate Social Responsibility programs creates added value for its customers by trying to minimize the environmental impact throughout the entire Life Cycle of our products from sourcing to end-user support by applying best practices available and international quality standards. Continuous improvement is our primary goal as well as helping our customers make sustainable choices with priority to safe and durable paints and coatings.