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“V-TOLL” is a contract toll manufacturer expert in paint and coating business having the capability to offer differentiated products and services to its customers under detailed specifications and stringent delivery requirements. Our expertise lies in manufacturing paints and coatings for our customers within our modern facilities, by applying our technical knowledge and experience. For information regarding technical issues or extensive description on products and services we can provide , please contact us by e-mail, fax, phone or refer to Customer Restricted Area.

Toll based on our or modified formulation – Private label

Private labeling is a large part of our business and we have specialized in this area for many years. “V-TOLL” can provide for all of your private labeling requirements. We have a number of customers to whom we provide our paints and coatings under private label. Whether you are looking for a product that you haven’t developed the ideal formula, want a product with a particular feature or property or simply want us to manufacture quality products under your label, “V-TOLL” is your loyal business partner. We have the expertise to manufacture and supply your product compliant to any labeling or certification requirement at whatever quantities you may need. Furthermore, we will discuss practical solutions and assist you by offering our experienced advice and tips in every aspect of your business action from production and special packaging as far as brand recognition with the goal of maximizing your profits and strengthen our cooperation.