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Our company manufactures decorative paints as well as coatings for several applications for half a century and the technical expertise accumulated over time combined with our new state of the art facilities allow us to fulfill our customers product requirements in the most efficient way. We are able to provide you any product within the subsequent product categories in case it corresponds to your needs87,M or manufacture your specific formulated products within our facilities.
 2P-Epoxy Coatings
 Decorative paints for interior/exterior uses of all types
 Marine Coats
 Road Marking
 Two pack Urethanes Finishes
 Aerosol Can coatings
 Swimming Pool paints
 Industrial Wood paints and Varnishes
 Wood enamels
 Bitumen Finishes
 Floor paints
 Field Marking
 Wood preservatives & Varnishes
 Metal Primers and Finishes of all types
 Heat resistant coatings
 Fire resistant Coatings
 Roof insulation Coatings
 General Industrial
 Automotive Refinishing
 Slip-resistant floor coating